Maine’s Best Specialty Category (2024 Guide)

Written by Lauren Whittier –

Updated March 12, 2024

Here we present a curated collection of other great Maine spots, embracing an array of shopping delights, unique product manufacturers, and enticing specialty food options. Immerse yourself in this handpicked selection, where each listing is a gateway to the distinct flavors, craftsmanship, and experiences that define the region.

These listings embody the essence of Maine’s unique charm, ensuring your exploration extends beyond mere transactions to authentic connections and delightful discoveries.

Explore these carefully chosen options, where every storefront and dining opportunity adds a touch of local magic to your journey.

  • York

    This popular Maine brand has a company store just off I-95, offering samples of their many specialty foods, cookware and even a café.

  • Topsham

    Turning old family recipes into award-winning meals, you can trust this company to deliver a legendary Maine lobster experience.

  • Portland & Bath

    Looking for that classic little Maine shop? Discover unique, handcrafted and always made in Maine products from local makers.

  • Gorham

    This promising Maine manufacturer started with wallets made of recycled sailcloth before expanding to a full line of must-haves.

  • Biddeford

    Filled to the brim with the finest, freshest ingredients, The Maine Pie Co offers the best gluten-free pies in a wide variety of flavors!

  • Westbrook

    Try out the very popular "Seaweed Beauty Collection” and discover all the unexpected benefits of sustainable seaweed here in Maine.